Government and Dignataries

Discretion Is What We Do Best

High-level security designed for top-tier clients

Whether you’re travelling for diplomatic duties, working in high-risk destinations or just are looking for a security service close-to-home, Alchemy Global is the right choice for you. Discreet, highly-trained and professionally vetted to work to government security standards, our team works to the highest level when it comes to the safety of our high-end customers.

Let our knowledge do the talking

Alchemy Global’s vast partner network is just one of the reasons why we’re the best service for the job. Using our local expertise and cultural insight, we can provide exactly the right type of security for government based on your needs. From local languages to route planning, travel management and scouting, we’re equipped to go above and beyond to ensure comprehensive government security.

Touring Musicians and Sport Stars

Maintain High Levels Of Security Anywhere In The World

A home away from home

For a touring musician or athlete, it can easily seem like you can lose your way of life while overseas. With the security systems for stars provided by Alchemy Global, you can ensure your high-end clients have the safety net they need to maintain their current lifestyle – leaving them tour-ready and far more comfortable while they’re on the road.

Tailor your security to every circumstance

From home-country events to global travelling, no two tours are the same when it comes to our high-end clients. That’s why every service we offer is tailored to your exact requirements and based on our own dedicated analysis and insight. From professional athlete security to celebrity security teams. That’s a level of service you just can’t find elsewhere.

News and Media Teams

Global Reporting Doesn’t Have To Be Risky

Tailored local services for global media

From reporting on local events to travelling around the world for high-risk media requirements, Alchemy Global is the team you want on your side. Our professional partner network ensures that, wherever your news or media team needs to travel, we have the know-how to provide journalists with professional security and support them before they even set foot on foreign terrain

Expert risk assessment for any destination

From volatile or under-developed countries to one-off events or disasters, our versatile team is equipped to assess risk on the go. We know that, when it comes to news team safety and security for media teams, you can't always stick to Plan A. That's why our flexibility, local knowledge and global support network make us the best choice for your organisation.

Megayacht and Superyacht

Protection against piracy and terrorism

Security solutions based on experience

When it comes to maintaining vital security measures, there should be no difference between land or sea. That’s why at Alchemy Global we offer the same high level of support, risk management and security services wherever you may be. For the best security for super yachts, and mega yacht security systems, there’s no better service.

Privacy and discretion wherever you are

Alchemy Global understands the need for high levels of discretion, whether you’re a high-profile individual or just looking to avoid the public eye. With our years of experience providing deep discretion for all walks of life, we’re the service that can offer you the best when it comes to maintaining your privacy when it comes to professional yacht security.

Corporate security

Global security from one source

Professional services at all levels

Forget managing multiple security teams around the world. With Alchemy Global as your corporate security company, every essential service, whether it’s local or overseas, is catered for your due diligence. Our hand-picked network of partners provides our corporate clients with the support they need, wherever they may be. Local knowledge, global thinking.

Comprehensive with no compromise

We’re the experts when it comes to providing first-class professional corporate security solutions for corporate clients. Whatever your security needs, we’re up to the challenge – from TSCM bug-sweeping, active shooter scenarios to internal investigations and screening. Comprehensive corporate security for the UK and beyond with no compromise is what we do.

Family Office

Recognising and meeting your distinct requirements

Security where, and when, you need it

As an individual or family who value privacy and discretion above all else, Our role is to provide you with optimal security. For you, and your family security on a daily basis is our number one priority to ensure your dignity, privacy and safety is maintained at all times.

Customise our services to your needs

You know your lifestyle better than anyone. That’s why we work closely with our clients to develop effective, discreet and expert strategies to provide optimal protection without interrupting your daily routine. Our enviable reputation is how you know we’re one of the best private security team for the job; even when it comes to those most valuable to you.