Executive and Close Protection

First-class Protective Services Designed Specifically For You

Specialised protection for every assignment

At Alchemy Global, we tailor our executive & close protection services to your exact needs. With a combination of local and global knowledge, risk assessment process and quick adaptation, we provide the optimal security for executives. Your safety is our priority wherever you are in the world./p>

We work with you to succeed

How does Alchemy Global succeed every time when it comes to our executive security services? Our unrivalled attention to detail, and consistently high levels of planning. We work with you to understand the risks, requirements and rules for professional executive protection. Whatever your security needs, we’re ready to listen./p>

Security Drivers

Proficiently trained, locally sourced and globally available

Much more than driving

We know there’s more than just travel quality at stake when it comes to professional driver service. That's why our drivers aren't only the best when it comes to their level of security on the road; they’re also thoroughly vetted to ensure your ongoing safety and privacy both on- and off-road./p>

Local Knowledge is our priority

With a wide range of different drivers for our secure driver service available to Alchemy Global customers, wherever you need to travel, we're there to meet you. Our drivers are culturally-aware, equipped with local expertise and have those all-essential language skills to get you from A to B smoothly. No confusion, and no fuss involved./p>

Residential and Estate Security

Expert Safety For Those Most Important To You

Discreet security for private properties

We understand that it can be less than homely than sharing your residence with a trained security team. That’s why we specialise in offering sensitive, discreet residential security services that cause the minimum amount of disturbance. Keep your property and your loved ones safe around the clock without ever sacrificing your home life.

A team you can trust

Every member of the Alchemy Global team is fully vetted, tested and recruited based on demanding requirements and strict criteria. By taking this extra step, we can ensure the highest discretion and add value when it comes to your residential or estate security needs. From monitoring security systems to logging visitors, our team are up to the task.

Protective Surveillance

Exceptional people delivering a world-class service

Beyond Protection

At Alchemy Global, we know our team can only shine when they’re experts in their field. That’s why our protective surveillance specialists are well-practised through their military and police history to blend into any environment. Our discretion ensures that you can feel comfortable in any situation, at any time. Whatever your requirements, we can provide the surveillance you need.

A professional team at your disposal

Every specialised team member and partner of Alchemy Global is equipped with the expert know-how to run complex, compelling and high-skill protective surveillance with a moment’s notice. Carefully vetted, professionally trained and thoroughly field-tested, we’re the team you can trust when it comes to sensitive and demanding requirements./p>

Travel and Risk Advisory Services

Effectively Minimise Risk Whilst Travelling

Stay protected away from home

When it comes to security for travel overseas, you want to ensure your friends and family are as safe as they would be in their usual environment. With our professional travel risk management services, providing that care is effortless. From vital intelligence information to route recommendations, our travel security service does it all.

Let us be your eyes and ears

As an organisation, you have a legal, moral and ethical requirement to keep your employees safe wherever they are in the world. With our expert guidance and insights, providing that appropriate protection and duty of care has never been easier. We combine cutting edge technology to give you access to all the information you could possibly need for worldwide travel

Asset Location and Protection

State-of-the-art services for professional location

Peace of mind made modern for your most precious assets

Our years of experience in the protection and location of assets makes us a perfect choice. When it comes to problem identification, analysis and implementation, we’re second to none. Using a combination of traditional models and evolved solutions, the protection of our clients’ assets globally has never been higher.

Less risk, more reward

Why risk a lack of success when Alchemy Global are a tried and proven choice? Our team are experts when it comes to the location of assets anywhere, as well as providing protection on a range of different assignments. Using local knowledge and industry excellence, we provide rewards and reduce risk. Our commitment to guaranteeing professionalism in all services is what sets us apart.